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Latest jobs in the Ministry of Defence

Latest jobs in the Ministry of Defence. The career outlook for Ministry of Defence jobs is good due to protocol, facilities, and high pay packages. Eligible both males and ladies who achieve the required bars are welcome to apply. Now offering the following jobs:


  • Deputy director (town planning)


  • Candidate must be Ph. D / Master/graduate in relevant subjects from a recognized institute with relevant experiences.

Pay is from 49,158 – 156,220 per/month.

The last date to apply is 19-Nov-2023.

The Ministry of Defence is an important ministry of the government of Pakistan that ensures the defense of national interests nationally and internationally. It plays a key role in handling the armed forces and government. It ensures coordination between domestic and foreign governmental bodies.

The Ministry of Defence is considered a huge ministry in terms of budget and employees. It is a cabinet-level ministry that controls the armed forces of Pakistan. Pervez Khan Khattak is currently serving as a minister of defense.

Deputy Director, Assistant Director, staff officer, and veterinary are required in the Ministry of Defence with minimum qualification of Ph.D / MA/ M.Sc./ MCS/ BCS/ BA with 1st division from a HEC recognized university.

The Ministry of Defence is headed by the minister as a political head while one, assistant secretary from the Pak army, air force, Navy, and inter-services represents their departments. In recent decades, the Secretary of Defence, who has traditionally been a retired three-star Pakistani army general, is the ministry’s highest-ranking administrative figure. Under his supervision, assistant secretaries serve flag officers from the various services.

The Ministry of Defence Production, Joint Staff Headquarters, and Army General Headquarters are among the other top-level head offices located in Rawalpindi. Islamabad is the destination of the Air Headquarters and the Navy Headquarters.

Functions of MOD:
  • To establish, coordinate, and organize Pakistan’s Defence Policy and other defense-related policies to pursue its core mission. 
  • To implement the policies made by the Armed Forces of Pakistan. 
  • To provide and maintain the national defense needs by Defence Budgeting. 
  • If/when requested, accompany the Civil Administration in maintaining Public Order, countering internal threats, and dealing with national disasters and emergencies. 
  • Contribute to global peace and development by peacebuilding and other campaigns around the planet

Previously it also dealt with the procurement, production, and distribution of equipment as well. Later on, these responsibilities were shifted to the Ministry of Defence Production. In 2004, the Ministry of Defence Production took over responsibility for equipment acquisition, manufacturing, and processing.

The following departments or agencies are working under the Ministry of Defence (Mod).

  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Pakistan Navy
  • National Defence University (NDU)
  • Military lands and cantonments department
  • Pakistan Marines
  • MES
  • ISPR
  • ISSB

Some Pakistan paramilitary agencies like rangers are a part of the Pakistan military but supervised by the Ministry of Interior.

In the past Airports Security Force (ASF), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) worked under the Ministry of Defence.

Now a separate division is formed namely the Aviation Division headed by the Cabinet Secretary to deal with the issues of ASF, CAA, and PIA.

The selection procedure consists of an Application process (complete online application form), a Test, and an Interview. Selected candidates will go through training.

Note * It is a governmental department so they get all benefits like pension, medical allowance, etc.

Latest jobs in the Ministry of Defence


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